• Workshops

    Bespoke workshops can be designed to meet all stages of the job application process

  • Pyschometric assessments including MBTI

    MBTI - Our preferences can help us work better

  • Careers skills training

    Improve your CV, write a targeted cover letter, practise your interview skills

  • Career coaching

    One to one or group coaching more

About Us

Kim Katz is an experienced career coach who works with clients on a private basis as well as working as a Careers Consultant with universities.

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Our Services

Careers Insight offers a comprehensive range of coaching and training services including one-to-one coaching and help with job search application materials.

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It doesn’t matter how far up the career ladder you’ve progressed, sometimes careers can just stall. You might need help in identifying the issues that are impeding your progress.

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Skills Training

Once you’ve identified the role or career you’re interested in pursuing, the next step is to accomplish that goal. Careers Insight offers a full range of skills training.

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W. Timothy Gallwey – The Inner game of Work

As I move in the desired direction, I am apt to see better ways of moving towards my goal than I could see when I initially started out. This does not mean the steps I took at first were wrong or bad – they may have been the best I could see from that vantage point.


Stephen R. Covey – The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Habit Number 2 – Begin with the end in mind.