What clients say

“If we all did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves.” Thomas Edison

Kim has nearly two decades’ experience of helping clients make the most of their skills and potential. Kim derives great satisfaction from helping people work through specific career issues, make better choices, develop an action plan to establish career goals and, ultimately, move forward in their chosen career.

Here’s what some former clients have to say about working with Kim.

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I met Kim while I was a full time MBA student at LBS… During our first conversation I was very emotional … but Kim noticed that straightaway and without making me feel foolish, gave me very constructive advice and helped calm me down. We discussed my options and the overall strategy I was following and together decided what I should focus on and how. Her ongoing support and friendliness made me come back to her throughout my entire MBA and seek her advice as both a career and personal coach… it all turned out for the best as I am now holding my dream job and I have Kim to thank for helping me achieve it. She …helped me get back on my feet, think clearly and finally shoot and score!. 
MBA 2009, Strategic Partner Manager at You Tube

 Throughout the whole Masters program, Kim played a fundamental role in helping me get the job that I wanted in management consulting. Not only she has taught me how to write a successful CV and cover letters, but she has also simulated the role of the interviewer multiple times to make sure I became familiar with the most frequent and the most difficult questions that I could be asked during job interviews. In addition to these core skills Kim has taught me complementary but  intangible competencies such as networking capabilities and professionalism. Throughout this learning process, Kim has always been available, quick and effective in addressing my questions and concerns.
MiM 2010, Management Consultant at ZS Associates

I am really very grateful for all your help and support. It really is useful to have someone who can look at things in an impartial way and give a balanced view. You were always very accurate in reading me and some of the thought processes that were going round in my head and it certainly helped to keep my morale up. Hopefully our paths may cross at some point in the future. 
Woman Returner, now working for RealService (international real estate customer service)

I would like to say million thanks to you for your invaluable help and support throughout my job hunting…I’ve secured an offer from Credit Suisse Hong Kong. You have helped me a lot on this by running mock interviews and consulting sessions. I am very happy about this offer, not only because it is something I’ve wanted all along, but also because your time and energy spent on me has not been futile. 
MiM 2011, London Business School