Executive Coaching

It doesn’t matter how far up the career ladder you’ve progressed, sometimes careers can just stall.
You might need help in identifying the issues that are impeding your progress. Or you might assistance in meeting new challenges.

Careers Insight offers one-to-one Executive Coaching to help you set and achieve realistic goals that will make your career moveRead more

After 14 years as a “stay-at-home” Mum I wanted to re-enter the workforce. Kim encouraged me along this path and together we explored different possibilities. I was then able to define what I wanted to get out of a job. Kim helped me focus on my strengths, create a modern, succinct CV and confront the task with confidence- all of which helped me get a job of my dreams. I am indebted to her for her sound judgement and invaluable moral support.  
CEO, major charity

Skills Training

Once you’ve identified the role or career you’re interested in pursuing, the next step is to accomplish that goal.

Careers Insight offers a full range of skills training.   Read more 

I was very fortunate to have Kim as my career coach. She offered great insight and generous support throughout my job-seeking process, from choosing specific sectors in my CV review, to interview techniques to offer negotiations. Apart from her rich experience and knowledge, what makes Kim outstanding is her great empathy. She truly cares about her clients and was always there to advise me when I needed help. Not only did Kim lead me to the right direction in job hunting, she truly motivated me to work harder and never give up. Without her, I could never have secured my job at Morgan Stanley.
MiM 2011, London Business School

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