Useful links

The following list comprises links to people and websites I hope you might find useful.

If you are starting  a new business, rebranding or needing assistance with HR concerns, the following professionals are available to help:

For graphic design and website work, contact June Schneider at

For copywriting and proofreading, contact Sue Walder at

For creative needs, contact Lindi Radomsky at [email protected].com

“I have worked as an art director in advertising for the past 10 years. My experience ranges from in-store promotions, product launches, and events right through to TV, radio and print advertising. I have a passion for ideas, working with people and seeing a project grow from idea to implementation. I am proficient in Photoshop, In-Design and Illustrator.I have worked on a variety of different brands including Fiat, Diageo drinks, McDonalds, Kelloggs and Proctor and Gamble.
Please get in touch if you need any ideas, designs, marketing/brand advice or any other creations.”

For HR support services contact Melanie Pearl MCIPD at  [email protected]uk or on 07947 717521

“Providing practical HR guidance and solutions to small to medium sized businesses and interim work to larger companies. Services include HR department set up, drafting and review of contracts of employment and policies, providing pragmatic employment law advice and solutions to conflict situations, recruitment, coaching and training of management and staff, development of effective performance appraisal procedures and managing change and restructuring programmes.”

Careers websites:

There is a plethora of useful websites out there in cyberspace. My favourite graduate information and recruitment site is  For very practical information about what actually goes on each day in a particular role, try Many of the most informative for recent graduates are university websites which contain lots of tips for the application cycle. While I don’t endorse everything on these sites, they contain lots of samples that may be helpful.

A handy site for guidance and resources for professional careers at entry level and beyond is

A useful job search engine is:

The only company in the UK specializing in non-executive recruitment is