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Buzzwords in job descriptions. What do they really mean and should we be able to match all of them to apply for a job?

This article got me thinking about job descriptions clients have brought into me, or some of the paragraphs written by companies inviting clients to interview. I think sometimes, as is quoted in the article, “the employer may simply have unrealistic expectations of all the qualities that a single individual could possess” For me the key issue is possession of the skills versus ability to develop the skills i.e. are we hiring the finished product or the potential and can one person ever have all the qualities ready to go – if candidates are the finished product, can they contribute in a creative manner to the team? Where is the learning and development both for employee and the business, if the employee does not step out of their comfort zone, leading to untapped potential? In other words, if there is no challenge and growth in a role, how can you know if you are performing at your best? From a career point of view, candidates should not be put off by job descriptions that seem to desire and describe perfection. After all, nobody’s perfect.

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March 1st, 2012

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